This weekend I decided to get off of my behind and put together a gallery wall in my closet/office space. I will be filming a room tour soon which should be exciting! I wanted a gallery wall for multiple reasons: I wanted to put up images that inspire me to either work harder, dream about, and be centered around images I love. Also, the gallery wall would be a setup and background to film most of my YouTube videos on. This could be an ever changing background option for anyone interested in creating one and is such a minimal cost. I printed all of these images from my computer and found them on Pinterest. I tried to go with a cohesive black and white theme. I found these frames either at IKEA or the dollar store which was extremely inexpensive but gives off such a high-end look. I’m so glad I put this together. Here was the process that I took to create my gallery wall:

1. Find images that you want to create a gallery with and pick a theme, you could choose family photos within the same color scheme, black and white photos, or random images that inspire you but keep the color scheme in a similar range.

2. Purchase eclectic frames with different sizes or designs.

3. Print your selection of images with the frame sizes in mind.

4. Lay out your frames on the floor.5. Cut white pieces of paper to match the size of your frame and tape them to the wall according to the placement you laid them out onto the floor. Measure everything out!!
6. Start hammering nails into your wall where you set up your pieces of paper. Make sure you center your nails correctly and you have enough space between your frames.

7. Hang your frames with their prints.

8. Now stand back admire and adjust your frames if they are crooked. That’s it!

For those of you that are looking for a quick and easy solution check out these gallery wall options:


Here’s my most recent YouTube video I filmed with my new gallery wall:



Wearing: Necessary Clothing Romper | Stuart Weitzman Nudist Song Heels | Vintage Chanel Bag (similar)

It recently occurred to me that I put this blog to the side. Not that it’s not important to me because it definitely is but I had a more important goal I needed to check off my list and over a week ago I can proudly say I’ve accomplished. It’s such a bittersweet feeling to sit here and know that I finished. Officially a week after my graduation I felt a tinge of sadness that I wasn’t working toward this goal anymore. It’s funny how we put so much pressure on ourselves to get something done and when it’s over the satisfaction doesn’t last. As humans, we never seem to be satisfied with what we have. Although I felt uneasy I knew it was time for me to put all my efforts into my future and career. I honestly can’t give you a definitive answer as to where I see myself in 5 years but I just hope I’m doing something I love and am happy with the decisions I’ve made. Whether this blog and YouTube take off or I’m at a job that I’m passionate about, I can’t wait to see where my hard work takes me.

Thanks for listening and continuing to be a part of this blog! I hope you’re just as excited as I am about the new content that will be coming soon.




Spring has been slowly creeping up on us and although we’ve been getting slightly warmer weather we are still getting some colder days. To be honest I haven’t been in the floral and colorful mood and that’s why this look works for me. I have been loving the look of track pants lately and personally, I would have preferred a tucked-in graphic tee or turtleneck with this look but the hoodie just worked for this particular day. I’m not one to just wear an outfit for a shoot, if you see it here either I’ve worn this look already and decided to shoot it, I was wearing it that day or I plan on wearing it. I hate to follow blogs where I’m looking at outfits that are unrealistic for my lifestyle. Sometimes it’s pretty to look at or inspires a specific style but all in all, I want to see a look that I can see myself actually wearing. This will tell you a lot about my personality, I don’t like to fake relationships, I don’t like to pretend that I’m someone that I’m not and I usually will tell it like it is. I apply that same way of thinking to my blog and content. Sometimes I find that doing YouTube videos can come across slightly fake because I am trying to be more professional in that setting and being on camera can sometimes create an altered image but I am working toward feeling more comfortable with letting my personality show as transparent as I can. As I grow as a person and in this social world I want to continue to show my readers and viewers that I’m just a woman from New York City who happens to have a passion for sharing my interests with like-minded people. I will continue to grow and I hope those of you that are reading this will continue following along with me.

This became a bit more personal of a post than I thought it would be but I hope you enjoyed and check out the links for the products I’m wearing and also some similar options below.



Wearing: Gucci T-shirt (similar) | H&M Faux Leather Pants | Helmut Lang Jacket | Stuart Weitzman Heels | Vintage Gucci Bag

Gucci t-shirts have become a huge trend recently and I’ve had this one for years. I typically don’t wear red but it was nice to switch it up a bit for once. I love the look of a casual t-shirt with leather pants and some heels.

ps. my toes were definitely freezing during this shoot.



Lately, I’ve been really into taking care of my hair and skin but I’ve been noticing that even though I’ve tried almost every hair mask on the market, I haven’t noticed a difference in my hair. I’ve tried it all, from macadamia hair masks, argan oil, olaplex, biotin and much more but nothing gives me the results I want. My hair is very dry from being blonde and all the bleach I’ve put it through so finding something to help with the overall health of my hair is important. I’ve been doing a hair mask for a while now with just organic coconut oil but I still haven’t seen much of a difference in my hair. I decided to use an at home hair mask my mom told me about years ago. It includes a few products that you can easily find in your kitchen.


Olive Oil – 2 Teaspoons

Egg (room temperature) – 1 Large

Coconut Oil (preferably certified organic) – 2 Teaspoons

Honey – 1 Teaspoon

Plastic Shower Cap – 1


Step 1 – Beat one egg in a small bowl

Step 2 – Add in all other ingredients and mix

Step 3 – Apply mixture to dry hair while massaging it in. Once it’s all in quickly put on shower cap!

Step 4 – Let it soak into your hair for 20-30 minutes

Step 5 – Shampoo and condition as usual.

This mask is amazing and will leave your hair feeling silky smooth! The good thing about it is that you’re using natural ingredients that doesn’t include anything you can’t pronounce. I highly recommend doing this mask at least once a week for best results. After my first try, it left me with good hair for a week. If you try it out please let me know your thoughts…



Wearing: Vintage Fur Coat | H&M Jeans | Splendid Turtleneck | Zara Boots | Vintage Chanel Bag | Switched to: Zara Backpack

For a while now I’ve been in a fashion rut, this happens to me from time to time. I feel stuck in wearing the same things and I seem to lose my sense of style. I think this happens to all of us and unfortunately, it can become hard to get out of that rut. The best way for me to get inspired is to look at my closet and reevaluate my options if that means to throw some things out then so be it. Nothing can dampen an uninspired wardrobe like uninspiring clothing. A great rule of thumb is if it doesn’t make you happy and if you haven’t worn it in 6-8 months then more than likely you should toss it.

This look was inspired by this jacket! I found it at a vintage store last year and granted it doesn’t come out of my closet too often, for good reason but it’s one of the best gems I’ve found. It’s a statement piece and one that I believe will be in my wardrobe for years and years to come. I paired them with some flared denim that fit me like a glove! This look gave me a push and definitely inspired me to put up some more looks.

btw: if you’ve been with me for a while then I know you’ve noticed my absence from time to time. I finally sat down and created a realistic schedule and editorial calendar for my blog and if all goes as planned you’ll be seeing outfit posts every Monday and Friday and a beauty post every Wednesday and possibly a few others sprinkled in-between. Thanks for continuing to stick with me!

I shared some options similar below if you’d like to take a swing at this look…


GOODBYE 2016 / CHEERS 2017

It’s been a whirlwind of a year and I’m thrilled to welcome the new year. I’ve had my share of ups and downs in 2016 but I can’t wait to see what 2017 has to offer. I have a few goals I am focused on accomplishing soon and I love making a list of them in the beginning of the year that I can check off. I love the feeling of checking things off my list! The best tip I can give you for focusing on your goals is to get a planner and start organizing your life. I also recommend downloading an app like ‘notebook‘ to make to do lists, write notes, sketches and more to keep your ideas organized.

I can’t wait to keep growing my blog and focusing more time on it this year. Thank you for staying with me and continuing to follow along with my blog, instagram and Snapchat.

Cheers to the new year! 🥂🍾



Hello readers, I wanted to come on here and quickly wish you all a Merry Christmas and or Happy Holidays! It’s such a hectic time of year and I myself have caught myself being frustrated over traffic, long lines, last-minute shopping and the attitudes of others during this time, but sometimes we need to pause and put into perspective what these holidays truly mean to us. Spending time with our loved ones and showing them how much you love them is what it’s all about. Gift giving can be fun but it’s important to know that gifts aren’t the most important thing. I’m going to keep this short and sweet so I can go ahead and enjoy the time I have with my family but I want to let all my readers know that I appreciate all the love you show me on here and my social media accounts and I hope that this year my blog can continue to grow in the direction I am envisioning.

Again, happy holidays!



I can’t believe the holidays are here! Christmas is in less than a week and I haven’t even completed my Christmas shopping, actually, I’ve barely started it. I wanted to help any of you that are out there last minute shopping like I am. All of these gifts can be great options for the gal in your life that is either a home body, a fashion enthusiast, or your typical beauty junkie. The prices range from $10 to $1000 which gives you plenty of options to play with. I hope this helps you find the perfect gift for a friend, girlfriend, sister, mother or any woman you hold dear to your heart.

Shop these gift recommendations here:


PS. check out my youtube channel for some vlogs I’ve been uploading during this holiday season ♥