Lately, I’ve been really into taking care of my hair and skin but I’ve been noticing that even though I’ve tried almost every hair mask on the market, I haven’t noticed a difference in my hair. I’ve tried it all, from macadamia hair masks, argan oil, olaplex, biotin and much more but nothing gives me the results I want. My hair is very dry from being blonde and all the bleach I’ve put it through so finding something to help with the overall health of my hair is important. I’ve been doing a hair mask for a while now with just organic coconut oil but I still haven’t seen much of a difference in my hair. I decided to use an at home hair mask my mom told me about years ago. It includes a few products that you can easily find in your kitchen.


Olive Oil – 2 Teaspoons

Egg (room temperature) – 1 Large

Coconut Oil (preferably certified organic) – 2 Teaspoons

Honey – 1 Teaspoon

Plastic Shower Cap – 1


Step 1 – Beat one egg in a small bowl

Step 2 – Add in all other ingredients and mix

Step 3 – Apply mixture to dry hair while massaging it in. Once it’s all in quickly put on shower cap!

Step 4 – Let it soak into your hair for 20-30 minutes

Step 5 – Shampoo and condition as usual.

This mask is amazing and will leave your hair feeling silky smooth! The good thing about it is that you’re using natural ingredients that doesn’t include anything you can’t pronounce. I highly recommend doing this mask at least once a week for best results. After my first try, it left me with good hair for a week. If you try it out please let me know your thoughts…

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