With Fall quickly approaching I am on the hunt for new jackets to add to my wardrobe. As you can tell most of these are classic styles and I believe keeping classic pieces around is the key to making your wardrobe last.

  • Shearlings and fur coats (preferably faux) are pieces I would wear closer to October/November because of how heavy they can be but this year I am predicting that this Fall will be a cold one so picking up one of these early on in the season might be worth it.
  • Blazers are perfect for the early stages of Fall and even under a coat for further down the season. I love double breasted and oversized blazers especially paired with a good pair of denim jeans or a slip dress.
  • Trench coats are a classic style that has been around for years. I love how it can make a boring or slightly sloppy outfit look business casual.
  • Jean jackets are great and are usually associated with spring and summer but I think to make this classic look slightly different either cutting it off and leaving the bottom a raw hem, getting a slightly vintage wash of denim or picking it up in a different texture or color.
  • Motorcycle jackets are such a staple for me and to keep the style fresh I found these suede ones with pops of color to make a drab outfit look amazing. A classic leather jacket is definitely a must have and the one I included above is a great price and fit.
  • Lastly, army fatigue and bombers are a given! Finding a bomber with a specific brand logo that you prefer can make the bomber stand out.

All of these jackets are reasonably priced and would be perfect additions to your Fall wardrobe.

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