If you’ve read the post that went up right before this one then you should have an understanding of whats been going on in my life but for a recap, I lost two incredibly important people (one of them a fur human) in my life. I’ve been trying to piece myself together day by day. If you’ve lost someone then you know how incredibly hard that can be. Focusing on specific passions in my life has been an amazing outlet. It has allowed me to focus my frustrations in order to create something amazing out of it. I’m still figuring out the logistics of it all but now I know that my passion over the years isn’t some random for the moment thing but something I’ve always wanted.

Back before the days of Instagram and Facebook were social platforms like Xanga and MySpace and I used to share my new sneakers and outfits all the time on there. I realized shortly after that I wanted to start a blog. Making a career out of it wasn’t my initial intention and I am far from that still but I’ve finally realized that we only live once… why not try even if I fail at it. It’ll still be a way for me to share the things I love. Whether I have 2 people following me or 200,000.

The point of this is that you can’t continue to live life in fear of losing people or things. You can’t live life in fear of the unknown and the fear of not succeeding. Fight for what you want and work hard and maybe someday all that hard work and passion will have turned into something that you are proud of. My mother always believed in my vision so I’m going to try for her. I know she’ll be holding my hand the entire time.

I’ve transformed the layout of this blog and hope you enjoy all the changes and new content to come.

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