HELLO 2018!

After having such a tough 2017 I can’t help but try to look forward to better things in this new year. This past year taught me a lesson that your life can be cut short at any given moment. I learned to appreciate the moments I have and not to take them for granted. 2017 will forever be the year that I lost my beautiful mom and my lala. I can’t help but look at the year and want to run far from it. It hurts that I am entering 2018 without them but, I promised that I would continue living my best life for them. It is easy to give up when times get hard but, knowing that I was able to keep going after the year I’ve had just shows how much I’ve grown as a person. I am strong because of what last year did to me. It broke me down and tore me apart but it also built me up. Although I wish they were here and would do anything to have them with me again, I know that they are always with me in spirit, guiding me to do my best.

I can look back on 2017 and say that yes, I accomplished a few things, I earned my bachelor’s degree while working full time and still maintaining my sanity. I grew relationships with people that I never knew would bloom into what they’ve become. 2017 showed me who I can really count on. It taught me that sometimes you need to let some relationships go.

Alas, this year humbled me. It taught me that no one is excluded from experiencing loss, heartache, and struggles, but you can somehow get through it if you want to. I don’t give myself enough credit and I don’t think any of us ever do. We are so hard on ourselves… but I am going into 2018 with an appreciation for myself and an understanding of what I’ve been through. I hope you all see last year as a lesson, whether it was an amazing year or it tore you to pieces. I am hopeful that this new year will bring me good health, happiness, success, new adventures, and a lot of love.

Hello, 2018! I am ready for you.

(PS. pajamas for NYE was the best idea!)

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