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This weekend I decided to get off of my behind and put together a gallery wall in my closet/office space. I will be filming a room tour soon which should be exciting! I wanted a gallery wall for multiple reasons: I wanted to put up images that inspire me to either work harder, dream about, and be centered around images I love. Also, the gallery wall would be a setup and background to film most of my YouTube videos on. This could be an ever changing background option for anyone interested in creating one and is such a minimal cost. I printed all of these images from my computer and found them on Pinterest. I tried to go with a cohesive black and white theme. I found these frames either at IKEA or the dollar store which was extremely inexpensive but gives off such a high-end look. I’m so glad I put this together. Here was the process that I took to create my gallery wall:

1. Find images that you want to create a gallery with and pick a theme, you could choose family photos within the same color scheme, black and white photos, or random images that inspire you but keep the color scheme in a similar range.

2. Purchase eclectic frames with different sizes or designs.

3. Print your selection of images with the frame sizes in mind.

4. Lay out your frames on the floor.5. Cut white pieces of paper to match the size of your frame and tape them to the wall according to the placement you laid them out onto the floor. Measure everything out!!
6. Start hammering nails into your wall where you set up your pieces of paper. Make sure you center your nails correctly and you have enough space between your frames.

7. Hang your frames with their prints.

8. Now stand back admire and adjust your frames if they are crooked. That’s it!

For those of you that are looking for a quick and easy solution check out these gallery wall options:


Here’s my most recent YouTube video I filmed with my new gallery wall:

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