Summer is on its last leg and I’ve been trying to fit in some florals during its last days. I am typically uncomfortable wearing them unless it’s Spring or Summer. I wore this dress for my moms funeral and loved it so much that I decided to shoot the look.

If you’d just seen these photos you would’ve never guessed that I wore this to a funeral but my mom was such a bubbly and happy person that my family and I thought it’d be really somber if we wore just black or white. We requested that everyone that attended wear something bright. It was one of the best decisions as far as some of the arrangements went because we wanted to celebrate the wonderful life that she lived and by the decor and attire, it looked like just that. When I look at this dress it reminds me of her and I don’t think I’d ever be able to part ways with it. It was so her and that’s what made me want to wear it.

My mom loved florals, pinks and anything girly. She would’ve looked at this and said, “mama, I love that dress!” in her most dramatic voice of course. I live for the moments now where I can envision exactly what she’d be saying to me. Even though this dress isn’t something I would normally have picked up, it reminded me of her and that’s what makes it so special.

Wearing: Off the Shoulder Dress | Celine Bag | Zara Mules | Ray-ban Sunglasses


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