(natural lighting – blended)

(natural lighting – not blended)

Marc Jacobs recently launched these new highlighting glow sticks and I’ve been using it nonstop since I’ve received it. I am pretty much obsessed with every item I try from Marc Jacobs beauty line. My top two favorite foundations are from this line as well as my all time favorite lipstick and mascara which brings me to the conclusion that Marc Jacobs can pretty much do no wrong. I would love to try out more products like the eye-shadows and blushes because I’ve heard some great things.

Today I want to discuss this glow stick in the shade spotlight (700). It looks like a deodorant straight out of the package and I was a little skeptical about it but after using it I think the packaging is genius, so easy to apply and glides on really smooth. The product itself is so pigmented and blends in effortlessly as you can see in the photos above. I think it’s the perfect illuminator for summer and if you wanted to glow even more you can add a powder highlighter over top but it’s not really necessary. It looks really natural and gives the perfect glow. Definitely check it out if you can because even though it’s a bit pricey I think it’s so worth it!

What’s your favorite summer highlight? Leave a comment below!

(I received this product for review from Influenster, all opinions are own.)

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