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Going away is definitely one of my favorite things to do, and Miami is also one of my favorite cities to get away to. I love the tropical feel that the lively city of Miami exudes. I was only there for a weekend for a friend’s birthday and we had no definite plans other than to eat, drink and relax. It turned more into a weekend of mayhem! We got carried away with the drinks within the first few hours and lets just say it led me to knock out for 12 complete hours and wake up at 4am to drink again. Hey! I’m still in my 20’s so that’s what weekend trips are for, right?

The rest of the weekend went a little more smoothly, but still filled with a large amount of drinking, dancing and some more eating. We took so many videos and if you follow me on snapchat (idaisyd) then you would have seen the chaos that occurred, it’s all laughs and memories now. I loved every minute of last weekend and can’t wait to take another trip like that. I’m back to reality now, which means papers, exams, work and barely any fun but that’s okay. I enjoy being back on the grind and it just gives me more of a push to take my next trip.

If you end up traveling to Miami I would definitely recommend:

TO STAY: Rent an AirBnB in one of the high rise condos.

TO EAT: The Daily Creative Food (Breakfast), Puerto Sagua (Lunch), Scarpetta @ Fontainebleau Hotel (Dinner)

TO DRINK: The Broken Shaker, Basement


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Hope this helps if you’re thinking of going to Miami soon.


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