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For months I have been starring at my closet uninspired, I used to split it as an office/closet but moved my desk to my bedroom. I honestly regret that because I feel like I’m getting less work done. It is important to keep your work space and sleep space very separate. Its difficult living in NYC when we have small apartments and have to remain as minimal as possible.

I’m going off on a tangent here but my main focus on todays post is to remind you that spring has arrived and its that time of year that we clean out our closets and homes and start off fresh. I like to do this a few times a year but over the next few months I want to completely rearrange my closet and only hold onto pieces that I actually wear. I find that I hold onto some items of clothing because it has good memories but that shouldn’t  be a reason to keep them because it can seriously become a hoarding situation. Can’t wait to clear it out and show you the final look.

What are your thoughts on closet clean-outs? Let me know in the comments below.

My apologies for lack of ‘wknd recap’ and outfit posts. I have a few looks to shoot, some YouTube videos, and also an event filled weekend. Be back soon!

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