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(Photos via Pinterest)

Being that I revamped my blog I decided to start a series called Pin That Thursdays. This will be posted every Thursday obviously, it will include things that have inspired me that week whether it be home decor, hairstyles, beauty, fashion, and even travel. Β I hope that by doing this I can pour out more content for my readers but also inspire you in new ways.

Home decor is something I am very passionate about and I probably only did one post about this previously which showed my living room but as it has been two years since I posted that my style has transformed a bit. I’ve always loved simple black and white decor with hints of metals but strayed away from that initially when I first decorated my apartment. Living in New York can be difficult because our spaces are small so I find it best to be minimalistic, I find that my home decor completely mimics my personal style. With that being said the photos above are definitely giving me inspiration to transform my living room and entire apartment.

Below is a photo of my apartment from two years ago and it pretty much looks the same right now. Stay tuned for the process of how I will transform my spaces which will include DIY, pinspiration, before and afters, shopping hauls and much more.


Are you loving this new series? What would you like to see me Pin next?

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