Wearing: Vintage Fur Coat | H&M Jeans | Splendid Turtleneck | Zara Boots | Vintage Chanel Bag | Switched to: Zara Backpack For a while now I’ve been in a fashion rut, this happens to me from time to time. I feel stuck in wearing the same things and I seem to lose my sense of style. I think this happens to all of us and unfortunately, it can become hard to get out of that rut. The best way for me to get inspired is to look at my closet and reevaluate my options if that means to throw some things out then so be it. Nothing can dampen an uninspired wardrobe like uninspiring clothing. A great rule of thumb is if it doesn’t make you happy and if you haven’t worn it in 6-8 months then more than likely you should toss it. This look was inspired by this…