Spring has been slowly creeping up on us and although we’ve been getting slightly warmer weather we are still getting some colder days. To be honest I haven’t been in the floral and colorful mood and that’s why this look works for me. I have been loving the look of track pants lately and personally, I would have preferred a tucked-in graphic tee or turtleneck with this look but the hoodie just worked for this particular day. I’m not one to just wear an outfit for a shoot, if you see it here either I’ve worn this look already and decided to shoot it, I was wearing it that day or I plan on wearing it. I hate to follow blogs where I’m looking at outfits that are unrealistic for my lifestyle. Sometimes it’s pretty to look at or inspires a specific style but all in all, I want to see a look that I can see myself actually wearing. This will tell you a lot about my personality, I don’t like to fake relationships, I don’t like to pretend that I’m someone that I’m not and I usually will tell it like it is. I apply that same way of thinking to my blog and content. Sometimes I find that doing YouTube videos can come across slightly fake because I am trying to be more professional in that setting and being on camera can sometimes create an altered image but I am working toward feeling more comfortable with letting my personality show as transparent as I can. As I grow as a person and in this social world I want to continue to show my readers and viewers that I’m just a woman from New York City who happens to have a passion for sharing my interests with like-minded people. I will continue to grow and I hope those of you that are reading this will continue following along with me.

This became a bit more personal of a post than I thought it would be but I hope you enjoyed and check out the links for the products I’m wearing and also some similar options below.

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